sound producer


I am a producer who has worked with a variety of people who use sound & music as therapy and healing. Gong's and bowls, mantra, EFT audio books, home recordings, meditations and compositions. I work from my home studio in Heathfield East Sussex which has the ability as a portable recording studio. I produce mostly everything myself from understanding the vision to recording and editing to the final master I work with my clients very closely to ensure they get what they are after. 

Although most of my experience has been with spiritual sound my passions & knowledge are far reaching into many different styles of music, vision & experience. Get in contact with me if you are interested in making a recording either by email or by phone. I am inexpensive and have a very good ear for quality and I take pride in that. My previous clients have been tremendously satisfied with the their experiences with me. See some of the people I have worked with below....  

Lydia Baksh - Raa Maa Daa Saa (Healing Matra)

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung ~ Healing Mantra from Laxmi Kaur (Lydia Baksh) on Vimeo.

Ono - Horizon & Oasis

Ishwara & Kirpal - Kundalini Songs and Mantras